May 24

Most everyone has heard about the importance of a work-life balance. We have all heard that it is important to get good sleep, eat well, exercise, have good relationships, and have other interests outside of work. “If you have a well-balanced life, your life will be better.” We’ve heard the sentiment, yet many have not adopted a healthy balance. Why is this? At the heart of this resistance is fear. Fear of not producing, not working hard enough, not excelling in a profession that you worked so hard to be involved in. Continue reading »

May 17

In a previous blog post I talked about how fostering a sense of contentment is a good foundation for developing and maintaining happiness. Another key component in happiness, especially long-term happiness, is gratitude. Thinking of reasons to be grateful and fostering the feeling of gratitude can shift your outlook on your day/life/situation. Purposely focusing on things that you appreciate makes it much more difficult to feel bitter or negative about your life in general. Continue reading »

May 06

It can be quite difficult to see another person’s perspective on an issue when you feel they are attacking you personally. Conflicts encourage us to feel defensive and defensiveness makes it very difficult to understand another person’s perspective. So how can you fight against defensiveness when it feels like you need to defend yourself? Continue reading »

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