Oct 28

Inasmuch as my previous post (“Is the Legal Profession Neglecting its Young?”) could be considered a bit inflammatory (though it is meant solely to support the needs of the profession’s newcomers), allow me to convey some additional information provided to me by lawyers within the walls of our suite….. [For entire blog, originally posted 10/28/10, click here.]

Oct 21

Physicians follow their academic training with years in hospitals, through internship and residency, partly as cheap labor, but under the watchful/critical eye of more experienced physicians. Psychologists follow their years of classes with a year’s internship and two years’ supervised experience (generally in a clinic or hospital) before they can be licensed for independent practice. Social workers must also garner two years’ of closely supervised clinical experience before seeking independent licensure. Nurses, teachers, barbers, etc. all have mandated mechanisms for apprenticeship before allowing novices to go out and practice on their own….. [For entire blog, originally posted 10/21/10, click here.]

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