Our Mission Statement

Lawyers Concerned for Lawyer, Inc. (LCL) is a private, non-profit Massachusetts corporation. As the state’s sole lawyer assistance program, LCL assists lawyers, judges, law students and their families who are experiencing any level of impairment in their ability to function as a result of personal, mental health, addiction or medical problems.LCL provides assistance with problems such as career and family difficulties, depression, and stress, as well as alcoholism, substance abuse, gambling and all other forms of addiction.

For individual attorneys, LCL services include assessment, time-limited counseling, referral, probation monitoring and support groups. LCL also reaches out to the bar at large through educational programming. These programs address mental health and addiction problems through meetings, literature distribution and presentations to the courts, bar associations, law firms, law schools and other entities of the legal community.

For the recovering legal community, LCL offers a support network of recovering alcoholic and drug dependent lawyers and judges who wish to carry the message of sobriety to members of the profession.

However, LCL is not Alcoholics Anonymous. Nor is it an outpatient treatment program, employment agency, or lawyer referral office. Nonetheless, all of these services can be accessed through LCL’s extensive resources.

LCL works independently, yet cooperatively, with the Supreme Judicial Court, the Board of Bar Overseers, state and local bar associations and the bar at large.

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