Who We Are

Lawyers Concerned for Lawyers, Inc. (LCL) is a private, non-profit Massachusetts corporation. As the state’s sole lawyer assistance program, LCL assists lawyers, judges, law students, and their families who are experiencing any level of impairment in their ability to function as a result of personal, mental health, addiction or medical problems.

LCL provides assistance with problems such as career and family difficulties, depression, and stress, as well as alcoholism, substance abuse, gambling and all other forms of addiction.

For individual attorneys, LCL services include assessment, time-limited counseling, referral, probation monitoring and support groups. LCL also reaches out to the bar at large through educational programming. These programs address mental health and addiction problems through meetings, literature distribution and presentations to the courts, bar associations, law firms, law schools and other members of the legal community.

Attorneys, judges, law students, other legal professionals, and their families have been coming to LCL since 1978, and have found us to be confidential, effective and compassionate. Our experienced staff and recovering support network have helped thousands of lawyers statewide confront their problems and rebuild their lives. We do this through evaluations, counseling, referrals, peer support and advocacy.

Our services include help for a broad range of issues, including:

  • Depression
  • Stress and Burnout
  • Alcohol and Drug Abuse
  • Marital and Family Relationships
  • Gambling
  • Career Concerns
  • Eating Disorders
  • Balancing Work and Family including elder and child care

Assessment and Referral
When you, a family member, or someone who is concerned for you call LCL, one of our licensed counselors will evaluate the situation and outline available options.

Facilitated Groups
LCL offers facilitated, time limited, free of charge groups that provide lawyers with a confidential, safe and supportive environment to talk about their concerns.

Educational Outreach
LCL will work with your firm, court, bar association, or law school to develop trainings, workshops, and other educational programs.

When drugs and alcohol are involved….

Peer Support Network
Mentors, who are themselves recovering lawyers and judges, make themselves available to talk and listen.

Support Groups
LCL sponsors regular, anonymous peer support groups statewide for individuals concerned about their drinking, drug use, or other addictive behaviors.

Monitoring by Consent
When an attorney has been disciplined, LCL will monitor a formalized probation program (with the attorney’s consent).

Whatever the problem, you do not have to manage alone. Don’t delay in calling while you are trying to decide whether things are bad enough. There is no need to risk your license, livelihood, reputation, or family. You do not have to do it alone. If you, a family member, friend, or colleague is in trouble, seeking professional help will make a difference. Once you have made the call, you have taken the first step. We will help you take it from there.

When a lawyer you know is in trouble, call us. LCL is always voluntary so you need not be concerned that by calling you may be doing harm. In fact, by calling us, you may be doing the lawyer a lifesaving favor. However, whether the lawyer you are concerned about accepts help or not, we will help you to understand the problem, provide you with an assessment of the situation, and assist you in getting whatever help you need.

Lawyers are not unique.
Millions of Americans suffer from depression, anxiety and other health problems. Millions more struggle with alcohol and drug dependency. Many are legal professionals who find their careers and families slipping away as they grow more desperate. Like people in all walks of life, lawyers tend to deny their symptoms. Their attempts to tough it out alone are usually in vain. By acting omnipotently, they jeopardize all that is meaningful in their lives.

We can help you only if you let us know you need assistance. LCL has a proven record of over 25 years of helping Massachusetts legal professionals, confidentially and free of charge. We are in a firsthand position to confirm what research studies show: addiction is highly treatable. Similarly, depression, stress, marriage and family problems, isolation, and financial difficulties can also be successfully managed and overcome. Whatever your situation, we can help you, but only if you contact us.

Judge’s assistance helpline.
1-800-525-4344 is a separate confidential telephone line for judges. All LCL services are available to members of the judiciary. With substance abuse problems, LCL works with an anonymous committee of recovering judges who provide confidential support to members of the judiciary.

LCL is a confidential service you can trust.
Any conversation with a member lawyer of LCL is protected as if it were lawyer client privileged (MRPC Rule 1.6 (c)). Any communication with a clinician at LCL is protected by mental health confidentiality laws (MGL Chapt. 112). LCL operates autonomously yet cooperatively with the Supreme Judicial Court, the Board of Bar Overseers, state and local bar associations and the bar at large. We are funded through an add-on assessment to the annual bar registration fee for all Masschusetts attorneys.

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