Sep 01

It should come as no surprise to anyone that all people want to be loved. It’s one of our deepest needs. Even within our professional relationships, we want to be loved. Now most people would not identify that need as love per se when it comes to coworkers and supervisors. But the basic elements are there. We want to know that our colleagues and bosses care about us, support us, and think well of us. So call it what you will, the same need exists within our professional relationships the same way it does in our personal ones. Continue reading »

Aug 25

Got Stress? Want to learn ways of handling it better?

LCL and LOMAP are offering a free Stress and Time Management series starting this Friday (August 28th) and running for three weeks. We will cover topics related to recognizing stressors and your response to them, ways of dealing with stress so that the stress does not wear you down, and practical time management skills that can make a significant impact on your stress levels. Continue reading »

Aug 18

Lawyers Concerned for Lawyers means many things to many people. Ideally those that seek its services do so before their personal challenges result in professional problems.

I’m a regular member of LCL’s Professional Conduct Group, a group made up of attorneys who have been subject to some form of Board of Bar Overseers discipline. Members represent every stage of the disciplinary process: Most have already been subject to a sanction, be it suspension, or disbarment. Some are in the very earliest stages of the disciplinary process and may even still be practicing pending a temporary suspension or some other, lesser disposition of their matter. Others have already done their time as it were and have already been successfully reinstated to the practice of law. It’s a testament to the importance and power of this group that those lawyers, the reinstated ones, who are under no obligation or mandate to come to this group, continue to do so, in many cases years after they’ve returned to the practice of law. Continue reading »

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