Oct 18

In the charged political climate we find ourselves in, it is normal to be hesitant to discuss political topics in mixed company. Truth be told, this is not a new phenomenon despite it feeling new or “worse than ever” during our current election cycle. So why is it so difficult to discuss differing opinions on politics and various issues that face our country or communities? It’s often not because of the issues or beliefs that we hold. It’s the beliefs that we think the opposing party holds. Continue reading »

Sep 27

Many bloggers, psychologists, motivational speakers, and generally knowledgeable and caring people have written about both sides of the idea of faking it until you make it. Just the other day on my twitter feed I saw a couple of tweets that both praised the technique as a way to persevere through obstacles and others that said to steer clear of it because it was inauthentic and harmful to you. So, which is it? Continue reading »

Sep 07

The fear of failure is often at the heart of perfectionism. The idea of failure has such a powerful effect on so many of us. We hear messages from multiple sources about the importance of success, the perils of failure, and how failure can taint any accomplishment that one has worked hard to achieve. The more someone fears failure, the more likely they are to avoid trying something that they find challenging. This limits learning and the possibility of achieving something great. Obviously, without risk there can be no reward. So logically we know that we must risk failure to achieve success. I’ll take it further than that: We need failure (yes, failure) in order to achieve success. Continue reading »

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