Feb 02

How can I respect someone who doesn’t respect me? How can I be respectful toward someone who is being aggressive or rude toward me? These are common questions many of us ask when we are faced with the challenge of interacting with people who are not following the Golden Rule. Whether you are 45 or 16, it can be difficult to show someone respect when the other person is doing anything but (whether that be your parent, your child, a supervisor, or opposing counsel).

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Jan 22

The sooner we can help anyone struggling with the demands of the legal profession, the better.

We’ve added a playlist on our YouTube channel with a series of videos featuring Suffolk Law’s Dean of Students, Laura Ferrari, in which she explains how LCL helps law school students both on campus and off, and how law school administrators can think about bringing LCL’s services to their students.

If you’re a law school administrator, watch this full feature:

And if you’re a law student, we’ve pulled some highlights for you here:

And you can get straight to any of the below issues with these clips:

Jan 20

One of the most common warnings I hear given to new attorneys is that your reputation is key. It takes years to build a reputation and a minute to ruin it. These warnings early on serve to guide attorneys to take their interactions seriously, to commit to acting respectfully and professionally, and to avoid making mistakes that will harm their reputations. On one hand, this is good advice. It can steer you in the right direction. On the other hand, this can be taken as a career death sentence if you ever make a mistake. News flash: We all make mistakes. Continue reading »

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