Oct 11

New LOMAP/LCL 4-Meeting Group for Solo Practitioners

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Building on the success of our recent information/discussion groups on business and productivity aspects of solo (and small firm) practice, the latest version of the group will focus on optimizing Internet Presence and related technological and branding aspects of Your Practice as a Business.  The new group will meet for 4 Fridays in a row (12:30 to 2:00) starting November 1 (and ending on the week before Thanksgiving).  There are still some spaces available for those able to commit to attending all these dates.   There is no fee for this group.  Because of some construction going on in the LCL/LOMAP suite, the group is slated to meet at the nearby Social Law Library (thanks to their generosity in providing space).  If interested, please email Jeff Fortgang, Ph.D.  or Heidi Alexander, Esq.  (To see a more complete description on the LOMAP web site, click here.)

Sep 27


LCL attends Harvard Wellness Fair

I was pleased during my recent visit to Harvard Law School Wellness Fair to be able to speak with so many students about how Lawyers Concerned for Lawyers (“LCL”) exists to help lawyers, judges and law students.  Although many students were not aware of LCL and its mission, they were certainly attentive when I explained the services provided by LCL.  As can be found at the students’ tab, LCL is here to help students learn to cope with common issues like stress and procrastination, and successfully overcome more difficult issues such as mental health issues, substance abuse or alcoholism.  LCL’s clinicians are experienced and helpful, and our recovery meetings are welcoming to law students.  Moreover, Harvard Law students need not travel far for a recovery meeting, because there is a LCL recovery meeting at the law school.  In addition to LCL resources, Harvard Law School also provides helpful information at its HLS Wellness blog

I not only enjoyed meeting with the law students, but I also had the pleasure of meeting a fascinating individual traveling through life.  Samuel Jay Keyser, Professor of Linguistics (Emeritus), took the time, as he strolled towards his office at MIT, took time to stop and chat.  He was also kind enough to introduce me to his blog, The Reluctant Traveler.  Included in his wide ranging discussions about travel, are two posts pertinent to Harvard Law School, justice and judgment, My Favorite Spot.  Thank you, John Safer and the related Releasing the Sword in the Stone, September 15, 2013 Not surprisingly, given Professor Keyser’s profession, the posts were educational and thoughtful in discussing issues of justice and judgment.  For me, however, the power of the posts was that his discussion would not have been possible but for the author’s willingness to slow down, to contemplate that which was about him, to allow curiosity room to explore, and to give himself time to understand.  As a result, blobs became objects from which lessons could be learned.  Go ahead, slow down and read Professor Keyser’s posts.     

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Aug 16

Flying Solo? New Group for You

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The new “Getting It Done” series of group meetings for solo and small firm practitioners will soon commence its 6-meeting run, offering strategies to get more organized, implement goals, overcoming self-defeating beliefs/habits, combat procrastination and time wasters, and leverage technology to increase efficiency.   The group will meet on alternating weeks beginning Friday September 14, 12:30 to 1:45 pm.  Each meeting will feature a presentation followed by time for discussion and getting to know fellow attendees.  Those who complete the “course” get a free book!   — David Allen’s Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity.

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