Jul 21

There is comfort in predictability. This is one of the reasons we develop routines and habits. In fact, the more comforting our routine, the more painful it is to change it. To put it simply, deep down inside we often times would prefer the comfort of a bad habit to the uncertainty of a potentially positive change (that’s why it is so difficult to change habits – even bad habits). Despite the negative aspects of our routines, the devil you know is better than the devil you don’t. This principle of resisting change contributes to the fact that the only reason we give in to change is when our status quo becomes too uncomfortable. Sometimes the motivating discomfort comes from within you (feeling bad about the status quo) and sometimes it comes from the environment (new jobs require learning new skills). Continue reading »

Jun 30

Burnout is one of the more common catastrophes that occur in high stress legal jobs, whether that be in a large firm or a solo practice. The key to avoiding burnout is to recognize the warning signs and be prepared to address them before burnout sets in. Here is a recent article on avoiding burnout from GPSolo Magazine. If you are currently experiencing the initial signs of burnout, or feel like you are in the midst of it, please call LCL (or your local Lawyers Assistance Program) to talk with one of our clinicians today.


Shawn Healy, PhD

Jun 09

As I write this blog entry, I am thinking about what words to use next in order to express my intended message in the most succinct way possible. When I feel that my choice of words is successful, I feel good. I then want to write more with the hopes of repeating that experience. However, when I stumble over the words or it seems like I am hitting a barrier, I feel discomfort. My first tendency is to stop writing (to end the discomfort) and shift my attention to something else, something more pleasurable (email, coffee, the next thing on my to-do list, staring at the ceiling, etc.). This, by the way, is the recipe for procrastination. Continue reading »

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