May 26

One of the helpful strategies to improve your productivity and reduce procrastination is to effectively use your “power hour”. The power hour is the time of day (which could actually be multiple hours) that you feel the most energy, the most focus, and can be the most productive. The idea of using your power hour is to identify when it is and plan to work on the most difficult tasks of the day during that time. This works out the best when your power hour is at the beginning of your day so that you can ride the wave of productivity the rest of your workday. But what is one to do when their power hour is at the end of their workday? Or even worse, what if it is during off-work hours? Continue reading »

May 18

There are countless ways of improving your time management and increasing your efficiency. Simply do a Google search for “time management” and you will have pages of resources, web pages, blog posts, and books from which to choose. For example, here is a good place to start. So is this just another blog post on time management to add to the list? Well, technically yes. But instead of giving you specific techniques, this blog post is about how to actually start doing some of those helpful suggestions. Continue reading »

May 09

We all want to succeed. We want to make the best decisions, complete our work successfully, and feel competent in the things we are asked to do. However, when our desire for success becomes a pursuit of perfection, analysis paralysis can be the by-product of the fear of failure. When we want perfection so badly or when we fear failing too much, making the wrong decision can seem like the worst thing ever. This can influence us to avoid an uncomfortable decision, feeling frozen or weighed down; your brain unable to act. Continue reading »

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