In addition to our Peer Support Groups (focused on recovery from alcohol/drug problems–select Calendar for dates, times, and locations), LCL offers groups led by licensed professionals. Some groups are time-limited, others ongoing. Like other LCL services, these groups are free and confidential. An individual screening appointment with the group’s leader is necessary before attending our professionally led groups.

Groups Currently Running

Professional Conduct Group
Support for attorneys involved in a disciplinary process. Ongoing, meets twice a month.
(Usually meets the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of month at 1 PM, but check to make sure. If interested, arrange screening interview with Barbara Bowe, LICSW at LCL.)

Unemployed Lawyers Group
Work Search Group: Sharpening your skills to become a more competitive applicant. A series of 6 Discussion/Instructional Group Meetings: Call to inquire about the next series.

LCL Peer Recovery Support Groups
These groups, still thriving, are the original LCL groups, purely peer-run in the 12-step tradition (anonymous), for lawyers and law students in or seeking recovery. You will find all kinds of lawyers at all stages of sobriety (from days to decades) who come here to connect with and gain support from one another in a spirit of camaraderie. There are two meetings a week at the LCL offices, in addition to meetings elsewhere around the state. (Click here for calendar and locations.)

Solo and Small Firm Attorneys Groups

  • At times we offer time-limited groups in collaboration with staff of LOMAP (Law Office Management Assistance Program), focusing on managing time, marketing, productivity, etc. in the context of solo and small firm practice.  Call to check on availability.
  • We now offer an online group for solo practice lawyers across the Commonwealth — no longer does time and travel get in the way of getting support and ideas from your peers.  The Solo Stress Connection meets online (monthly) using a system that permits everyone to see and hear one another without having to establish an account.  To learn more, contact Dr. Jeff Fortgang at or 617-482-5003.

“Absorbing Trauma” Group
This is a discussion/support group that is offered when we have a “quorum” of interested lawyers in the hopes of preventing burnout and “vicarious trauma” for lawyers who do the especially taxing work of serving traumatized clients (e.g., those who have experienced or witnessed abuse or tragedy).  This issue also comes up in a less focused way in the Solo Stress Connection group (see above).  For more information, click here.

Other Groups
When we have at least a few lawyers interested in the same kind of group at the same time, we can offer many kinds of groups. Past groups have focused on topics such as: Depression; Lawyers at Mid-Life/Mid-Career; Lawyers with Interpersonal Difficulties or Learning Disorders; Women Lawyers; Early Recovery; Self-Assessment; Retirement; ACOA (for lawyers whose childhoods in alcoholic homes may be reflected in current personality characteristics); etc. If a particular kind of group is of interest to you, let us know. Or if you have a “ready-made group” of peers who would like to discuss and get psychological input on a shared concern, and who can meet in Boston, we can probably accommodate you.

Call us at (617) 482-9600 if you are interested in joining one of these groups or establishing a group not mentioned above.


From time to time, LCL offers presentations, workshops, conferences, etc. of interest to attorneys, law students, and judges, usually at no cost. To stay aware of upcoming events, either revisit this site or email us at and ask to be put on our emailing list.

Our staff can also provide presentations/consultation at other sites in areas within our expertise. Feel free to contact our director, Anna Levine, at

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