Jan 20

No one wants to feel frustrated. It’s annoying, painful, and …well, frustrating. One of the common qualities that all humans have is that we are all compelled by two basic motivations; we want to avoid pain and pursue pleasure. Despite the desire to live a pain-free life, pain is necessary and helpful. One example of this is how frustration can lead to positive change. On a small scale, everything we have learned in life is due to the frustration or discomfort of not knowing something or not being able to do something we wanted to do. From our earliest days we learn to walk and talk because we get frustrated that we cannot communicate effectively to get what we want and we cannot move ourselves efficiently across the floor. So frustration is necessary. Continue reading »

Jan 12

The change in the season means many different things to different people. When the season changes from autumn to winter (at least in regions where there is distinct variation between seasons), some people are excited about the holidays, winter fashion, and outdoor winter activities (think of your friendly neighborhood skiers, snowboarders, Santa impersonators). For others, the change in season is met with dread (lower amounts of energy, mood fluctuations, pessimism). While many people are negatively impacted by the colder seasons, there is a percentage of individuals who are affected to a significant degree, those who meet the criteria for Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). SAD occurs when the change of season produces depressed mood, low energy, irritability, change in sleep patterns, change in appetite, diminished concentration, and low motivation. Continue reading »

Dec 23

In addition to the very good and comprehensive list of tips provided by our Nov 22 blog post from my colleagues Barbara Bowe and Shawn Healy, you may enjoy listening to this perspective on sober holidays from Sarah Hepola, the author of Blackout: Remembering the Things I Drank to Forget, a brief recent segment of the NPR Fresh Air broadcast. (Click the Play button to hear Sarah, or read the transcript.)

To those of you who have no problem with alcohol: if you are involved in any way in planning a festive gathering – such as your law firm’s holiday party — author Hepola notes that it is surprising how little thought party hosts tend to give to providing appealing non-alcoholic beverages. These days most hosts offer some healthy food choices like carrots and dip, slices of fruit. So where’s the Perrier and fruit juce?

All of us at LCL wish you and yours a healthy and fulfilling holiday and new year.

Jeff Fortgang, Ph.D.

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