May 09

We all want to succeed. We want to make the best decisions, complete our work successfully, and feel competent in the things we are asked to do. However, when our desire for success becomes a pursuit of perfection, analysis paralysis can be the by-product of the fear of failure. When we want perfection so badly or when we fear failing too much, making the wrong decision can seem like the worst thing ever. This can influence us to avoid an uncomfortable decision, feeling frozen or weighed down; your brain unable to act. Continue reading »

May 02

In game theory, a zero-sum game is the situation in which one person’s gain is equal and opposite to their opponent’s loss. For one to win or advance, the other must lose or retreat. There are situations in life where the zero-sum game is undeniable. These typically have to do with dividing up commodities (money, time, property, etc.). However, most problems in life have less to do with commodities and more to do with what those commodities represent. Hence thinking beyond the zero-sum game can be one of the most power tools to resolving conflicts. Continue reading »

Apr 24

Practicing law involves a lot of stress. Practicing law while managing a law practice involves even more.

Solo|Stress Connection is an online discussion and support group designed for solo and small firm lawyers to address their unique causes of stress under the experienced leadership of Dr. Jeff Fortgang, PhD. It’s free and confidential.

Register now to join the conversation THIS WEEK on Friday, April 28th. Stress Awareness Month is almost over.

Jeff has noticed many lawyers sign up for the group expecting a webinar. We understand that busy lawyers love webinars, but seeking social support is a particularly positive way to respond to stress.

So Jeff wrote an Ode to clarify that this is a support group (not a webinar!). An ode is not typically the way to clarify anything, but Jeff also wrote Rod Stewart’s Some Guys Have All the Luck so we give him some artistic license. Behold:

A group is not a webinar
A webinar is not a group,
They both are good for barristers,
But not the same, so here’s the scoop.

In webinars, you mostly listen,
Info useful, say, in court
In groups you also share your thinking,
Getting feedback and support.

Webinars are full of content
Flowing mostly toward the crowd.
Groups are more like conversation
Problem-solving right out loud.

Proper practice is essential
Webinars can help you through.
Groups are much more confidential
You can say what’s true for you.

Sometimes stressed-out solo lawyers
Wonder why they joined the bar.
Group respects you and connects you,
But it’s not a webinar!

Contact Jeff at (or 617 482 5003) with any questions or to share your experience with a rhyming dictionary.

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