Aug 05

I have been asked many times to help people make a distinction between what is healthy and helpful fear versus unhealthy and unhelpful anxiety. The difference between them can be difficult to distinguish at times. One reason for this is because they have the same physiological effects. Healthy fear and unhealthy anxiety both activate our Sympathetic Nervous System which activates the Fight or Flight Syndrome in order to charge us up and prepare us to act (to either run away from or to attack the threat). The clear differences between the two exist in their reaction to compliance and their impact on your life. Continue reading »

Jul 24

If you or your family member is a candidate for alcohol/drug rehab of the month-long (or longer) inpatient variety, we have noted in a previous blog post that your health insurance plan will probably not help you with the cost.  So you are in the position of trying to make a choice as an “educated consumer.”  This is not easy, even for us at LCL, since we make very few such referrals in this era when access to that level of care is beyond the means of most of our clients.   Continue reading »

Jul 16

The art of presentation is an integral aspect of the legal profession regardless of your particular practice.  Whether you are providing direction and counsel to a client, wooing potential referral sources, or influencing a judge or jury at trial, good presentation skills matter.  Essential to your presentation skills is the ability to project confidence and power to those you wish to influence.  This goes for new and experienced practitioners alike.  And, it all begins with the way in which you view yourself.  If you don’t believe in your abilities, then how can you persuade others to trust and respect you? Continue reading »

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