Nov 01

When we see lawyers/law students (or their family members) at LCL who we think would benefit from ongoing therapy (you can call it counseling if you prefer), we make an effort to match them with clinicians with whom we have some experience or have at least acquired relevant information.  That’s one of the reasons why coming to LCL for a referral is usually better than simply selecting one from a list.  My own approach, if I’ve gotten to know the therapist even a little, is to visualize him or her with the client in front of me, and get a sense of how that might go.  The fact is that, while some therapists are more helpful than others, none is a good match for everyone. Continue reading »

Oct 25

Divorce is always found at the top of the list of major life changes that cause significant stress, second only to the death of a spouse. Many people going through a divorce for the first time can often be taken off-guard by the overarching impact that it has on their daily life. Divorce impacts every area of one’s personal life (social supports, activities, relationships with mutual friends), affects one’s professional functioning (takes away time and resources that you would normally be spending on client matters), and produces long lasting mental and emotional changes (can produce a sense of shame, questions about the future, and elicit hopelessness and anxiety). Continue reading »

Oct 18

In the charged political climate we find ourselves in, it is normal to be hesitant to discuss political topics in mixed company. Truth be told, this is not a new phenomenon despite it feeling new or “worse than ever” during our current election cycle. So why is it so difficult to discuss differing opinions on politics and various issues that face our country or communities? It’s often not because of the issues or beliefs that we hold. It’s the beliefs that we think the opposing party holds. Continue reading »

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