Apr 26

There are countless suggestions for how to achieve happiness in this life. Some are great advice, while others not so much. The best advice for how to achieve and maintain happiness is often times the simplest. Contentment is a secret ingredient of happiness. The ability to feel content with what you have, the way things are in your life, and who you are as a person can lay the foundation for happiness. Continue reading »

Apr 19

Our Keynote Speaker at this year’s James A. Brink Fellowship Dinner is the Honorable Ralph D. Gants, Chief Justice of the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court.

You can listen to him now in the following video, recommending all Massachusetts attorneys think of LCL during the difficult times they encounter in the practice of law.

(Click here to watch on YouTube.)

Apr 19

(A version of this article was published in Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly on January 14, 2016 here)

In the life of a new associate at a medium or large law firm, it is not uncommon to sacrifice time with friends and family in the need to work long hours each day, work into the evening or on weekends at times when looming deadlines approach, and work with multiple superiors (partners and senior associates). In addition to the challenge of learning new aspects of the law, managing your time in order to complete the volume of work assigned to you, and trying to maintain your personal life in some fashion, the challenge of saying “no” becomes one of the most common sources of stress among new associates. Continue reading »

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