Dec 30

Those of you who listen, as I do, to podcasts are probably aware of “Serial,” a spinoff of “This American Life” which is said to be the most listened-to podcast ever.  This series of 12 podcast episodes (the last episode just out in mid-December) follows reporter Sarah Koenig’s investigation of a 15-year old murder questioning the guilt of the young man convicted of it.  (I might also mention that Serial was hilariously parodied on the December 20 Saturday Night Live.) Continue reading »

Dec 23

When you ask people what the holiday season means to them, you will probably get as many answers as the people you asked. For some, the holiday season brings up memories (some good, some bad, some ugly, some they hope one day to repress) of years past that they either wish or fear could be repeated each year. It can be difficult to know what to expect and how to prepare. I find it easy to feel overwhelmed and distracted by the bombardment of messages about the holidays (you should feel happy, you should spend time with family, you should throw parties, you should buy lots of stuff, you should make resolutions, you should or shouldn’t eat lots of sweets, you should compete with your neighbor for the most electricity used to light the exterior of your dwelling, etc.). By this time in the season, I’m tempted to start dreaming of the life on a deserted island. Continue reading »

Dec 16

I am privileged to author a recurrent Q&A column in the Massachusetts Lawyers Journal (in addition to our anonymous online Q&A system).  People seem particularly interested in this month’s column, relating to the problem, seen all too often and unfortunately most likely to contribute to BBO complaints, of unreturned calls and insufficient communication to clients.
Here is a link to that column as it appears in the Journal.

Jeff Fortgang, PhD

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