Nov 04

Transitions are scary. Lawyers, whose very job requires predictability of an outcome, have a particularly hard time with the unpredictable nature of transitions. Let’s rescue the word and the experience together.

We all go through transitions in life. In the realm of professional transitions, we have anxiously awaited acceptance to our preferred law school and looked for our first legal job, with at least a part of us doubting a successful outcome. In the age of layoffs and decreased hiring, we might find ourselves between jobs throughout our legal career more than once. Even if you are employed, you might start exploring other options, which sets a transition in motion. Continue reading »

Oct 28

With the work force aging and baby boomers moving toward/entering retirement, there has been an increase in dementia in the workforce. Alzheimer’s disease is the most common form of dementia. It is a progressive disease that worsens with time and impacts the person’s mental functioning in multiple areas. Symptoms often include declining memory (difficulty remembering common words, people, recent events, etc.), declining mental functioning (difficulty doing simple math, disorganization, confusion, etc.), and changes in mood and behavior (mood swings, agitation, social withdrawal, personality changes, etc.). Alzheimer’s disease is usually thought of as a disease that occurs in older adults (onset after 65 years old), but a small percentage of cases occur in those in their 40’s or 50’s (called younger-onset). Continue reading »

Oct 21

Many times throughout the day, I make an automatic comparison of my present situation to a desired future outcome. Perhaps at the start of my day I have not written a new blog post and I want to have written a post by the end of the day. This makes me aware of what I want to accomplish, keeps me striving toward goals, and helps me to know if I am progressing toward those goals or getting further away from them. This, in and of itself, does not seem like a negative exercise. However, the words that I choose to use have quite an impact on whether I feel encouraged about my goals for the day or weighed down by the lack of progress. Continue reading »

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