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In Trouble with the Board of Bar Overseers? We Can Help!

A lawyer receiving mail with the return address “Office of Bar Counsel” is naturally upset, and worried. Attorneys who are going to be investigated by Bar Counsel may initially be shocked, and may remain in denial for some time after that. There are any number of reasons why an investigation may ensue (client or colleague complaints, criminal charges, IOLTA errors, misappropriation of funds); but, whatever the reason, a lawyer who is under investigation, or who has been investigated, requires some assistance to set right his business practices–and, in many cases, to reinvasion his personal life.
For these attorneys, it is important to know that Lawyers Concerned for Lawyers offers a free and confidential support group for lawyers so involved. Lawyers who are dealing with a Board of Bar Overseers complaint typically feel overwhelmed and anxious; they’re nervous and panicked; they struggle with self-esteem; they harbor an ongoing fear that others will find out about their difficulties. It helps to talk these issues out with similarly situated attorneys in a confidential forum.
Our Professional Conduct group provides a place where you can address the broad arc of your concerns, in a setting that helps you to honestly assess and review your decision-making process and entrenched avoidance behavior, both of which likely contributed to your involvement with Bar Counsel.
If you are in the process of dealing with a Board of Bar Overseers complaint, or if you are suspended or disbarred and thinking about trying to get reinstated, our group will be invaluable to you. We will help you (mentally and emotionally) to develop a strategy for getting your practice, and your life, back on track.
To join the Professional Conduct Group, call Lawyers Concerned for Lawyers at (800) 525-0210, to set up an appointment to meet with Barbara Bowe. You will not regret it.

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