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Ethical Client Intake: Procedures for Compliance [Webinar]

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In this installment of Webinars for Busy Lawyers, Ginny Allen and Eric Sanchez share everything you need for an ethically compliant client intake process — in 22 minutes.

Competition for new clients is only getting tougher for attorneys. So how can you build an intake process that will convert the cases you want, while not running afoul of ethical rules?

Join us to learn key aspects of building an ethically compliant intake process, tips on how to efficiently (and ethically) use web-based technologies to facilitate intake, and communications best practices. Client intake is the foundational step for a functional workflow in your law practice. And intake is your client’s first substantive impression about the experience they’ll have working with you.

You can download slides from our presentation here.

As mentioned briefly in the audience Q & A:

Get Tips to Improve Client Intake and Experience in this recent blog post.

About the Experts

Ginny Allen is a licensed attorney and Vice President at GrowPath. Her non-traditional legal career has focused on helping lawyers with marketing, business development, and digital strategy. Here’s more about Ginny.

Eric Sanchez is CPO of GrowPath and former COO of one of the largest plaintiffs’ firms in the southeast, for which he built the intake department from the ground up. Eric regularly speaks on law firm operations, artificial intelligence, and cybersecurity. Here’s more about Eric.


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