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Time Management For Lawyers: Productivity Resources To Start The New Year Strong

Time Management for Lawyers: Productivity Resources to Start the New Year Strong

Lawyers and law students often feel the need for more hours in the day to handle the challenges they face — but our only option is to manage the time we have better. Find our top resources to help you grow your time management skills below.

Responding to stress in a healthy way requires us to focus action on what we can control and to accept what we cannot control. Since we have no control over the number of hours in the day, we need to focus on building the skills that help us manage time more effectively. Fortunately, experts continue to share techniques and tools that prove effective for those who adopt them. Unfortunately, implementing change in our lives requires us to change our habits, which can be difficult for individuals to do at full scale.

Starting small is critical to successfully forming new habits or any resolution for change. Don’t procrastinate change by searching for the perfect complete system at the outset — just identify the one thing you can do with the least resistance, and build momentum from there. Find tips on starting small for change here, and find more on changing when change is hard here.


First, understand that if you struggle with procrastination, you might need to dig deeper at its roots. As humans, we’re wired to avoid that which we find unpleasant — and also need to overcome avoidance when that which is unpleasant is also necessary. As a pattern of avoidance, procrastination can be a symptom of anxiety, depression, and other mental health problems. Find Tips for Lawyers + Law Students to Reduce Anxiety here, and find more on how to schedule a Free & Confidential consultation with one of our licensed clinicians here if you’re in Massachusetts. (Lawyers and law students outside of Massachusetts can find local Lawyer Assistance Programs here.)

5 Steps to Bust Through Procrastination + Overwhelm [Webinar]

Distraction Management for Busy Lawyers [Webinar]

Quick Tips for Lawyers to Beat Stress, Build Happiness, and Boost Productivity [Webinar]

Practicing Law with ADHD: Monthly Meetings + Workshops


Again, to be clear, designing the perfect time management system for yourself will not help you start building time management skills. There is no perfect system, and the only way to know what works is to try implementing it. Scan the expertise below for the lowest barrier to entry, and start practicing. Keep what works, shed what doesn’t, and then keep building.

Winning Strategies to Increase Productivity

Personal Productivity + Time Management for Lawyers [Guest Post]

5 Steps to Organize Projects and Increase Productivity [1st of 3-Part Series]

How to Overcome Obstacles to Productivity in Law Practice [2nd of 3-Part Series]

How Lawyers Can Manage People for Productivity [3rd of 3-Part Series]

Getting Business Done: Putting Productivity to Work in Law Practice [Webinar]


Technology can help you increase productivity and manage time more effectively — but you need to reckon with option overload first. We’ve helped narrow your field of focus with the advice below significantly, and again — the key to success is just to start somewhere. You’ll have more time and motivation to build from there.

Lawyer Tech Toolbox: Experts Suggest Process Substitutions

Time Management Tech Tips for Solo + Small Firm Lawyers

How to Do 90 Minutes of Legal Work in 60 [Webinar]

3 Steps to Document Automation for Lawyers

10 Apps Every Lawyer Needs to Have on Mobile [Webinar]

How Lawyers Can Be More Productive with Office 365

Hidden Gems for Lawyers in Office 365 [Webinar]

Artificial Intelligence: 5 Tools Lawyers Need to Know About

Top Tech Tools to Streamline Your Law Practice [Webinar]

Don’t Reinvent the Wheel: Technology Solutions for Common Law Practice Productivity Problems [Webinar]

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Many of the practical recommendations above were produced through our Massachusetts Law Office Management Assistance Program, which offers Free & Confidential services for Lawyers, Law Students, and Judges in Massachusetts related to career development and law practice management.

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