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Developing Your LinkedIn Action Plan as a Lawyer [Webinar]

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Get an action plan to gain traction from LinkedIn as a lawyer from Allison C. Shields, Esq. in this 27-minute installment of Webinars for Busy Lawyers.


LinkedIn is considered one of the best online platforms for generating referral business and finding new career opportunities. According to the 2020 Legal Technology Survey Report conducted by the ABA’s Legal Technology Resource Center, 88% of lawyers have a presence on LinkedIn. But many lawyers still do not use LinkedIn effectively.

This short webinar will walk participants through creating an action plan to maximize results using the three basic building blocks of LinkedIn:

  • Profiles,
  • Connections, and
  • Participation.

Technical trouble made the recording during the Q&A difficult to understand. Find written answers from Q&A here (with links to further resources).


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About the Expert

Allison C. Shields Johs, Esq., President of Legal Ease Consulting, Inc., provides marketing, social media, business development, productivity and practice management coaching and consulting services for lawyers and law firms.

After leaving her position as Administrative Partner at one of Long Island’s premier law firms in 2005, Allison started Legal Ease Consulting, Inc. to help lawyers build better law practices. A former practicing lawyer and law firm manager, Allison understands the law firm environment and the daily pressures faced by lawyers trying to manage and build their business while practicing law and successfully serving their clients.

Allison helps her clients create efficient, effective systems and operations to maximize productivity and enhance client experience. Her clients learn how to identify and attract their ideal clients, improve their client intake and selection, increase client loyalty, develop client-friendly fee structures, and increase profits. With the rise of the internet and social media, Allison recognizes that lawyers must capture attention and demonstrate their expertise online. She provides online marketing and social media services and training for lawyers to help them maximize these important opportunities.

The College of Law Practice Management inducted Allison as a Fellow in October 2018. In 2016, Allison was one of the first to receive the Outstanding Women in Law Award from Hofstra University Center for Children, Families and the Law and Long Island Business News. She was recognized by the American Bar Association’s Law Practice Division in October 2018 with the Wilkins Award for Overall Achievement in Division Publishing. She has served as the Chair of the Division’s Book Publishing Board, on the Division’s Council, Education Board, Nominating Committee, and on the editorial boards of both Law Practice Magazine and Law Practice Today. She also serves on the Board of the Division’s Legal Technology Resource Center.

Also active in her local bar associations, Allison is the former Executive Director of the Suffolk Academy of Law, the educational arm of the Suffolk County Bar Association, served as Associate Dean of the Academy of Law, and is a past member of the Board of Directors of the Suffolk County Bar Association and past Chair of the Solo and Small Firm Committee. She has served as a member of the Nassau County Bar Association’s Nominating Committee, Chair of the Membership Committee and on the editorial board of The Nassau Lawyer.

Allison writes and lectures on marketing, social media, business development, productivity and practice management for bar associations, law schools and other legal associations, and has been a presenter at the ABA TECHSHOW, the leading legal technology conference and expo. She is the co-author, with Daniel J. Siegel, of How to Do More In Less Time: The Complete Guide to Increasing Your Productivity and Improving Your Bottom Line, and with Dennis Kennedy, of LinkedIn in One Hour for Lawyers (now in its second edition), and Facebook in One Hour for Lawyers, all published by the American Bar Association’s Law Practice Division. Her most recent book, Make LinkedIn Work for You, A Practical Handbook for Lawyers and Other Legal Professionals, co-authored again with Dennis Kennedy, was released in October of 2019.

Allison is the author of the Legal Ease Blog at, and she writes the Simple Steps column for Law Practice Magazine. Her website, Lawyer Meltdown, provides resources and information for lawyers about managing and building their practices.

You can reach Allison at or (631) 642-0221.

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