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Well-Being Week In Law ‘After Party’ for Organizational Leadership Starts May 17th

This article is for informational purposes only. It is not intended to be used in place of professional advice, treatment, or care in any way. Lawyers, law students, judges, and other legal professionals in Massachusetts can find more on scheduling a Free & Confidential appointment with a licensed clinician here.

This year, the Institute for Well-Being in Law (IWIL) is introducing an “After Party” during the week of May 17th for well-being leaders.


IWIL has lined up a week to recognize and empower all of the well-being coordinators who are working hard within organizations to improve well-being in the legal profession, now that Well-Being Week in Law, which is recognized throughout the first week each May, has wrapped up this year. If you’re responsible for building a well-being program for a law firm or other type of legal employer, you won’t want to miss the After Party that’s tailored to you.


Each day of the week of May 17, IWIL will provide programming focused on organizational practices that science has shown have a substantial impact on workplace well-being. To avoid exacerbating everyone’s growing Zoom fatigue, they’re offering a mix of ways to participate–e.g., readings, resources, pre-recorded videos, and a few live webinars.


View the lineup resources and programs — and subscribe to updates — here on the IWIL website, which will focus on daily topics following the schedule below:


Monday, May 17th
Recognition & Rewards: “Perceived efforts/contributions are fairly balanced with employer-provided rewards (e.g., compensation, esteem and social rewards, job security, career opportunities).”


Tuesday, May 18th
Balance: “Our culture supports members’ ability to maintain good health and functioning while feeling fully engaged in and satisfied with their contributions to their work and families and themselves without perceiving too much conflict among those roles.”


Wednesday, May 19th
Effective Leadership: “Our leaders positively impact organizational members’ well-being through their leadership style, creation of a psychologically healthy work culture, management of mental health matters in the workplace, and support for workplace well-being programs.”


Thursday, May 20th
Inclusion: “Our organizational members feel supported and valued for their unique, individual traits and talents; feel a sense of belonging; and have access to and feel fairly treated by the organization’s structures and processes.”


Friday, May 21st
Culture of Trust, Fairness & Transparency: “Our work environment is characterized by the shared values of trust, honesty, transparency, and fairness.”

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