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Benefits of Mediation Strategies to Better Serve Your Clients [Webinar]

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Find out how mediation can improve your client service from Miriam G. Kosowsky, JD with this 30-minute installment of Webinars for Busy Lawyers.


Mediation can improve both the lawyer’s and client’s experience. Watch now to find out how:

  • The benefits of mediation strategies on clients are apparent even a decade later
  • Even if the attorney doesn’t practice mediation, they can benefit from thinking about mediation strategies.
  • Mediation helps with better ways to listen to people, including facilitation to delve into the clients’ deep-seeded interests and not just their initial stated goals
  • Mediation can even help attorneys who may think of themselves as litigators, for many matters resolve short of trial litigation

Almost 30 minutes of Q&A from the live program are included in the recording.





Miriam G. Kosowsky, JD is an attorney-mediator with over twenty five years of experience and an exclusive mediation practice for over ten years. She has been certified by the Massachusetts Council on Family Mediation. Before becoming the principal of MediationSaves, she worked for Diane Neumann and Associates as a divorce and family mediator. Miriam has mediated in courts in Middlesex, Norfolk, Suffolk, and Essex Counties. Prior to focusing exclusively on domestic relations, Miriam’s private mediation practice included a wide array of civil cases, such as  contract, property, and labor disputes.

Miriam’s clients range from those with complex compensation packages, including deferred income, carried interest and stock options, to hourly workers.  She also has vast experience with clients who are business owners or self employed. Miriam’s areas of expertise are parenting; including, child custody, parenting plans, child support and expenses; and real estate, with a focus on creative solutions regarding the marital residence. Miriam’s goals for her clients are that they are satisfied with their divorce agreement not only now, but for years ahead, and that they learn to parent well together as they begin living separate lives.

Miriam is a graduate of Harvard Law School, cum laude.  At Harvard Law School, she was the president of the Family and Children’s Rights Project, and interned in the family division of the Jamaica Plains Legal Services Bureau.  Miriam received her B.A. in psychology from Barnard College  with concentrations in both cognitive and developmental psychology.  She took child related courses such as infant and child development and conducted research on children’s spatial representation  Miriam graduated second in her class and summa cum laude.  While at Barnard, she worked in a preschool in New York City. 

Miriam was an attorney at Sullivan & Worcester LLP in Boston, MA, where she litigated, negotiated, and settled business, contractual and tort disputes for US and international private and corporate clients.  Through her pro bono representation of families at the Catholic Charities Bureau, she worked to protect families and children.  Miriam is a former assistant district attorney for the Norfolk County District Attorney’s office, and received extensive training in domestic violence, as well as custody disputes.   

Miriam is the mother of four children and two grandchildren. She has been active in her children’s school and community institutions. Find more at


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