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Cyber Risk Insurance for Lawyers: Should I Get It & What’s in It? [Webinar]

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Watch this webinar to find out what you need to know as a lawyer about cyber insurance from Terence J. Welsh, CPCU, AIS with this 30-minute installment of Webinars for Busy Lawyers.


With cybersecurity risks constantly growing, lawyers need to know about cyber risk insurance. Terry will answer key questions about cyber risk insurance such as:

  1. Are cyber-attacks covered under a legal malpractice insurance policy?
  2. Should I buy cyber risk insurance?
  3. What is usually included and excluded in a cyber risk insurance policy or endorsement?
  4. What should I look for when purchasing cyber risk coverage?
  5. If I have cyber risk coverage, under what circumstances can a carrier deny coverage after a cyber-attack? and
  6. Do legal malpractice carriers offer risk management tools and services on cybersecurity issues regardless of whether I add a cyber risk insurance policy or endorsement?

About 10 minutes of Q&A following the live program are included in the recording.

This installment of Webinars for Busy Lawyers is brought to you by LCLMA in collaboration with the Massachusetts Bar Association and the MBA Insurance Agency




TERENCE J. WELSH CPCU, AIS is the President and Chief Operating Officer of the MBA Insurance Agency. He is a frequent presenter to Bar Associations, Law Schools and MCLE as well as other interested groups on Lawyers Professional Liability Insurance. Terry has been in the insurance industry for over 40 years and has held senior management positions in several large national insurance companies. The lawyers malpractice program for the Mass. Bar Association is the largest in Massachusetts.



Basic Training

  1. NIST Cybersecurity Framework
  2. Cybersecurity Basics
  3. Major Cyber Threats
  4. Cybersecurity Quizzes


  1. Wire Fraud Prevention & Response Templates
  2. WISP Checklist
  3. Model WISP


  1. Cyber and Data Security Tips
  2. Ethical and Budget Friendly Cybersecurity for Solo Lawyers
  3. Sharing Files with Clients: Bridging Security and File Management


   Free & Confidential Consultations:

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