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Fuel for Thought: Nutrition and Cognitive Wellness for Lawyers [Webinar]

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Join us to find out how to optimize brain health through diet from Dr. Amy Reichelt with this installment of Webinars for Busy Lawyers.


As we navigate the complexities of modern legal life, the importance of a nourished mind becomes increasingly evident.

Our guest speaker, Dr. Amy Reichelt, will discuss the science-backed impact of nutrition on brain function, including how diet may influence neuroplasticity and neuroinflammation.

Watch now for practical insights into how food can help optimize your cognitive abilities and mental resilience — and get tools to thrive during demanding periods of stress and support a high-performance legal career.

Q&A from the live program is included in the recording.




Dr. Amy Reichelt is a neuroscientist, researcher, speaker, consultant and author with a focus of exploring the intersection of mental health and nutrition.

She received her PhD in Neuroscience from Cardiff University focused on neurodegeneration, as well as a BSc in Psychology from University of Birmingham. Following her PhD, she undertook postdoctoral training at the University of New South Wales Sydney (UNSC Syndney Australia), and was then appointed to academic faculty positions at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT University Melbourne) and University of Adelaide.

She currently works as an executive in biopharmaceutical development as Chief Innovation Officer at PurMinds NeuroPharma – a neuroscience start-up based in Toronto, Canada, as well as holding the title of Professor (Adjunct) at Western University, Canada, and running her independent nutrition consulting business Cognition Nutrition (

She is passionate about uncovering the neural mechanisms that underpin how diet impacts brain health and mental wellbeing.


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