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Our Mission:

The mission of Lawyers Concerned for Lawyers, Inc. (LCL) is to promote well-being and resilience in the legal community, improve lives, nurture competence, and elevate the standing of the legal profession.


Our Vision:

A Healthy & Thriving Legal Community.


Our Core Values: 

Excellence: Creativity, Knowledge, Efficiency, Growth, Teamwork, Service

Leadership: Responsibility, Conscientiousness, Compassion, Diversity, Curiosity, Caring, Making a difference

WellbeingBelonging, Diversity, Humor, Kindness, Love, Humanity, Wholeness, Community, Learning


Our Statement of Commitment to DEI:

LCL welcomes and supports people from all backgrounds. We choose to promote accessibility, diversity, equity, and inclusion so that all members of our legal community can experience recognition and belonging.


Our Services:

We provide assessment and consultation for addiction, substance use disorders, mental health concerns, and law office management, which can often be negatively impacted by these conditions.

Our services are free to students, lawyers, judges, and members of the legal community. A portion of bar dues collected from lawyers is allocated to our work. As a result, we do not charge for these basic services to lawyers and members of the legal community.

Our services are confidential. The Massachusetts Rules of Professional Conduct Rule 1.6(d) protects communications of clients seeking services from LCL the same as communications between lawyers and their clients.  In addition, those seeking mental health treatment receive the same protections every person receives regarding their treatment information. That means LCL does not disclose client information without the client’s consent or a court order. It also means that seeking treatment or consulting LCL for law office management will not be the basis of any disciplinary action.

Our clinical staff are licensed professionals with many years of experience, including some who specialize in addiction treatment.  After providing clients with a one-on-one assessment, our clinical staff assist the client in accessing the help they need in the community.  Our clinical staff also provide support for a variety of issues that are particularly challenging for the legal profession such as solo practitioners, immigration practice, and lawyers involved in bar discipline by facilitating support groups.

Our Law Office Management Program (LOMAP) is conducted by experienced professionals who work as Law Office Advisors to assist attorneys with technology, marketing, ethics, and practice management needs. These services are particularly useful for solo practitioners and small firms, especially those just starting out. Our LOMAP services are also used by clients who are returning to practice or are involved in disciplinary matters.

Our knowledgeable and experienced professionals are available to provide educational presentations to legal employers, law firms, bar associations, judges, law schools and agencies throughout Massachusetts. The goal of these programs is to raise awareness of our services, provide education about the impact that substance use and mental health conditions, as well as help the legal community achieve and maintain its wellbeing.



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