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You may click on any of these resources to visit their web sites. This list is necessarily incomplete, and excludes any profit-making clinical resources. Although we have been selective, inclusion in this list does not constitute endorsement by LCL. We do not mean, by posting this list, to encourage you to bypass our own assessment and referral services — by all means, please call us if you are a Massachusetts lawyer, judge, law student, or family member of said.

Other Mental Health
Substance Abuse and Chemical Dependency
Other Addictions  (Gambling, Sex, Internet, Eating Disorders)
Alzheimer’s & Dementia Resources
Marriage and Family Issues
Financial Matters
Stress Management
Career Resources
Practice Management
Non-Clinical Lawyer Resources

The following tests are informal self-assessment tools and are not intended to substitute for a professional evaluation. Please contact LCL if you would like such an evaluation – confidentially and free of charge.

Alcohol/Drug Self Test
This series of questions about one’s use of alcohol and/or drugs is an informal inventory of “tell-tale signs” with many items tailored to lawyers. It is not a list of official diagnostic criteria and does not substitute for a professional evaluation (which LCL can provide in person).

Depression Self-Test
Here is an on-line depression self-test provided by the UK’s NHS Choices health website.

Bipolar Self-Evaluation
In reviewing a number of available on-line self-tests for Bipolar Disorder, we observed that they tend to be too inclusive, i.e., most people might score in the bipolar range. Here are some characteristics to consider; this is not a validated test, and there is no score, but if one or more items sound very familiar, we would suggest seeing one of us or another licensed mental health clinician for an evaluation.

Problem Gambling Self-Test
Clicking here will link you to a self-test on the National Council on Problem Gambling web site.

Adult ADHD Screening Test
Clicking here will link you to a self-test on the PsychCentral site, developed by Jasper & Goldberg

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