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Luz joined LCL in May 2023 as a Senior Law Practice Advisor, a role that requires her to meet regularly with clients, develop programs, write articles, make presentations to the legal community, as well as act as a mentor. 

Before joining LCL, Luz served as an Assistant Bar Counsel at the Office of Bar Counsel (OBC) of the Massachusetts Board of Bar Overseers (BBO).  In that role, she screened and resolved complaints that came to the OBC’s Attorney and Consumer Assistance Program (ACAP).  Luz also previously served as Complaint Counsel at the Massachusetts Board of Registration in Medicine, where she investigated and litigated complaints against physicians and acupuncturists.  In these positions, Luz gained expertise and insight into ethical, regulatory, and practice issues that affected these professional licensees.   In these roles, Luz observed that mental health or behavioral concerns affected the licensees and their practices.   

Luz has also held other roles as part of her administrative law and government career, such as Investigator for OBC and Hearings Officer for the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles.  She also clerked for the Massachusetts Juvenile Court after obtaining her Juris Doctor from New England Law Boston in 2004.    

Luz loves spending time with her family in Massachusetts and in her homeland—Puerto Rico.     

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