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Headshot of Rachel Casper, Marketing Director at LCL

As Director of Strategic Operations & Marketing, Rachel coordinates LCL’s efforts to engage lawyers and law students in Massachusetts with the free & confidential services they need to develop a sustainable mindset and career, and thrive in the profession. She works on making LCL’s client services and resources as accessible, effective, and enjoyable as possible to help busy lawyers manage a fulfilling quality of life and rewarding career.

Rachel serves on the Strategic Planning Subcommittee of the LCL Board, and coordinates strategic planning efforts. She also leads operations for the organization. Rachel serves on the communications and conference planning subcommittees for the ABA Commission on Lawyer Assistance Programs; is a member of the American Marketing Association, and holds a few certifications from various certifiers.

Rachel joined LCL in 2010 as Mass LOMAP‘s admin, shortly after quitting law school in the middle of her third year following an award-winning performance that culminated in undiagnosed depression and anxiety. In her initial role with LCL, Rachel began to recognize the need for her evolving role and spent years learning and in professional development to fill it.

Prior to joining LCL, Rachel spent 7 years over her academic career interning in the corporate legal department of the world’s then-reigning largest employee-owned corporation, where she pioneered technology implementations to facilitate in-house legal operations, never stopping to get approval first. She graduated magna cum laude with a BA in Politics from Saint Anselm College, where she was inducted into a few honors associations represented by various Greek letters and received a High Pass distinction on her thesis, which she wrote on the effects of patent law policy on research and development — and later burned a copy of in the final meeting of the Politics Thesis Support Group, which she founded as a pioneer of the original Facebook Groups’ 2006 functionality. At Saint Anselm, she was a 2-year co-captain of the debate team, receiving a variety of awards over her four years of competition in the National Forensic Association’s Lincoln-Douglas policy debate circuit.

Rachel loves being outside, especially with her spouse, kid, and dog — and by the ocean.

Email her at or connect with her on LinkedIn.

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