Nov 20

The holidays are an important time to review some helpful tips about avoiding pitfalls and setting yourself up for success. Starting with common celebrations of Thanksgiving, through religious holidays dominating December, and into New Year messages of improvement and positive change — the human brain has a lot to process.

Finding joy can be easy at some times in our lives and at other times, we really have to work for it. Understand that even with joyful associations, challenges may manifest and test your resilience. For many of us, this time of year brings with it social engagements with friends and family members that often include potentially risky, if not just uncomfortable, situations where your resolve is tested, whether to abstain from alcohol or even just negative thought patterns.

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Sep 06

Our 6th Annual Recovery Day for lawyers, law students, judges, and other legal professionals is on September 22nd! 

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Jun 06

In a recent blog post, I cautioned about a particular program and rehab, Narcanon, which is actually a front for the church of Scientology, obviously choosing a name that sounds like a 12-step program as a lure.  But at least they actually do something (indoctrinate people in their cult). Continue reading »

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