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Clinical Psychologists. Law Practice Advisors. Decades of experience.
Meet our team here.


Our organization works with bar associations, firms of any size, law schools, courts, legal agencies, and other organizations in the Massachusetts legal community.


Our services are free, and our staff works with you to ensure we cover your group’s needs in the presentation, training, webinar, or ongoing support we provide.

OUR TOPICS: Well-Being + Practice Management.

Our staff made over 100 presentations in the Massachusetts legal community last year alone — for free. Meet our team here. Our licensed clinicians and law practice advisors have decades of experience on the following topics:

  • Well-Being, Mental Health, Depression, Anxiety, Addiction Recovery
  • Stress, Burnout, Vicarious Trauma, Resilience, Self-Care
  • Communication, Conflict, Boundaries, Perfectionism, Isolation
  • Leadership, Career Development, Networking
  • Legal Marketing + Business Development
  • Time Management + Productivity
  • Virtual Practice, Legal Technology, Data Security
  • Law Office Management Best Practices + Law Practice Startup


Your Event. If you want to bring one of our staff in to present for a class or meeting that’s already scheduled or for a program that’s being developed, we’ll work as best we can with your schedule. If you’re hosting an event — whether or not well-being is on the agenda per se — you can help spread awareness about the Free & Confidential help we offer to lawyers, judges, and law students by including space for us to staff an exhibiting table. (We hope your audience likes our swag!)

Our Event. We’re always ready to partner on any event related to well-being or career development topics. We’re happy to handle registration and marketing materials. Our organization appreciates any opportunity to collaborate on well-being efforts in the legal profession.

When you’re ready to discuss your group’s needs, just email Anna, our Executive Director, or the staff member you wish to engage directly.


Groups. Our licensed clinicians can help develop and facilitate ongoing support meetings for any need — whether private and exclusive to your organization, or as a public partner. We can even offer therapist “office hours” in your space. View the Free & Confidential groups we currently run for the Massachusetts legal community.

Resources. We can provide articles or tips to include in your publications, work together to develop more comprehensive guides on key topics, and supply our brochures, flyers, and swag for your space.

When you’re ready to discuss your group’s needs, just email Anna, our Executive Director, or the staff member you wish to engage directly.

Questions or concerns?

If you have any questions about how your organization can collaborate with ours, please email Anna, our Executive Director.

Interested in Volunteering?

Do you want to help us improve well-being in the legal profession? Or do you have concerns about a colleague’s well-being? Click here.

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