Does LCL Keep Records?


If someone sees a therapist through your support group does it get put into a medical record ?


There are number of possible sub-questions in your question, so let’s sort them out.

  • What we call “LCL Support Groups” are peer-run meetings which are not attended by our clinical staff. These are open to any lawyer or law student and are held at our suite Tuesdays and Thursdays at 1 pm, and at satellite locations noted in our Calendar. These meetings are run in the 12-step tradition, and no records are kept on those in attendance.
  • If you arrange for an individual clinical evaluation with one of the LCL clinicians, we do keep records, but these are never disclosed to anyone outside of LCL except (1) if you want the records disclosed and provide written consent, or (2) if there were to be an issue of physical danger to you or someone else. (That would include cases of learning of ongoing abuse of a child, elder, or disabled person.) Some lawyers who are especially worried about these things register with us under a pseudonym.
  • If, after doing a clinical evaluation, we refer you to an outside licensed mental health provider, they are also required to keep records, but, like us, would be prohibited from disclosing those records without your written permission except in cases of danger.

Both the confidentiality and the record keeping are there with your interests in mind.

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