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These FREE and CONFIDENTIAL group meetings are exclusively for first generation lawyers in Massachusetts.

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This monthly online facilitated peer support group is designed specifically to offer first generation lawyers a compassionate and supportive space to explore challenges while developing new approaches in addressing self-confidence, building successful practices, and finding your rightful place within a complex legal system.

Please note:

  • This is a confidential discussion group
  • The intention of the group is to build peer support
  • Participation will require both video and audio
  • It is a group that will foster discussion of thoughts, feelings, coping strategies and adapting


Stacey A. L. Best, Executive Director, LCL MA

Stacey A. L. Best, Esq.
Executive Director, LCL MA

Stacey A. L. Best, Esq. joined LCL in 2021. As Executive Director, she leads our strategic development, oversees daily operations, and works with the leaders in the legal community. Read more about Stacey here.


Barbara Bowe, LICSW, LCLMA Staff Clinician

Barbara Bowe, LICSW
Staff Clinician, LCL MA

Barbara Bowe, LICSW joined LCL in 1996. As a Staff Clinician, she meets with clients regularly, leads groups, sources information, and makes presentations to the legal community. Read more about Barb here.

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