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Law Practice Advisor (Mass LOMAP)


LCL MA Staff members: Shawn Healy, PhD, Barbara Bowe LICSW, Jeff Fortgang, PhD, Jamice Edge, Susan Letterman White JD MSOD, Rachel Casper, Anna Levine, Esq., Heidi Alexander, Esq.



TITLE: Clinical Staff Member

(Part-Time; 20-30 hours per week) – Worcester/Springfield area

REPORTS TO: Executive Director of Lawyers Concerned for Lawyers, Inc.


ORGANIZATION: Lawyers Concerned for Lawyers, Inc. (LCL) is a lawyer assistance program. Its mission is to promote well-being and resilience in the legal community, improve lives, nurture competence, and elevate the standing of the legal profession.

To fulfill this mission, LCL provides free and confidential mental health resources, addiction recovery support, and other services to lawyers, judges, law students and other legal professionals in Massachusetts.


THE OPPORTUNITY:  LCL seeks a licensed clinician in the Worcester/Springfield/Berkshire area (or willing to relocate to Western Massachusetts region) to expand our services and to improve the accessibility of our staff and programs. The clinician would work out of a regional office or their home and travel around the central/western part of the state to conduct clinical evaluations (mental health/substance use) and referrals, facilitate support group meetings, educate the legal community regarding services and prevention methods, and share information about LCL services.



  • Make Clinical Evaluations (mental health/substance use) and produce professional reports;
  • Keep comprehensive and timely clinical records in Salesforce;
  • Make appropriate referrals for evaluated clients to clinicians in the community;
  • Lead discussion groups on various topics addressing lawyer well-being needs,
  • Educate lawyers on well-being topics and LCL’s services by
    • Writing articles for internal and external publications
    • Making presentations to audiences consisting mainly of lawyers
    • Collaboration with bar associations and other organizations
  • Attend regular staff meetings (average 2x per month) in the Boston office and collaborate actively with LCL staff;
  • Give and receive feedback on management of cases;
  • Confer with law firm partners and those in leadership positions in other organizations with regard to managing problems with their staff (e.g., alcohol/drug, mental health, stress, reactions to crisis);
  • Develop new programs and presentations based on arising needs in the community of those LCL serves;
  • Sustain positive relations with the community of lawyers in recovery (from alcoholism/addiction) and other LCL stakeholders;
  • Participate in quality assurance procedures and help develop them;
  • Contribute to process of updating resource files and creating relationships with clinicians and facilities to which LCL may refer;
  • Attend the National Conference of the American Bar Association’s Commission on Lawyer Assistance Programs (ABA COLAP) and help support the success of its conference in Springfield, MA in October 2020;
  • Collaborate with staff on related projects and initiatives related to the organization’s mission.



  • Independently licensed LICSW, clinical psychologist or another relevant/ equivalent clinical credential;
  • Clinical experience with a varied clinical population, including those presenting with addictions, significant personality disorders, and psychosis, much familiarity with writing psychosocial and mental status reports, treatment planning;
  • Strong familiarity with a range of alcohol/drug-oriented treatments, including individual and group therapy, 12-step groups/recovery model, other self/mutual-help groups, relevant medications, and stages of change;
  • Speaking/presenting experience;
  • Good teamwork orientation/experience;
  • Familiarity with managed care (relevant for referral process).
  • Familiarity with local behavioral health providers and other resources (for referrals);
  • Active/interactive clinical style;
  • Sensitive to matters of ethics, confidentiality, privacy;
  • Working knowledge of Microsoft Office programs and proficient computer literacy;



  • Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor (LADC) or other addiction-treatment certification and experience;
  • Previous experience with lawyers or legal professionals;
  • Significant lived experience with addiction and mental illness;
  • Strong writing skills;
  • Experience with Salesforce or other web-based client relationship management system.


PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS OF THE JOB: Must have the ability to: Sit in one place for an extended period; Communicate effectively using the telephone, TDD, scanner, and computer; Perform light lifting. Must have the ability to travel to attend meetings in and out of state.


SALARY AND BENEFITS: Competitive salary and excellent benefits. LCL is a great place to work. Our three clinicians have been at LCL for 45 years combined and has excellent retention rates across all staff.


IF THIS OPPORTUNITY SEEMS EXCITING BUT YOU DON’T HAVE 100% OF THE CREDENTIALS LISTED, please don’t let that stop you from applying.  If it feels like a good fit, please send us an application.



LCL recruits, employs, trains, compensates and promotes regardless of race, religion, color, national origin, sex, disability, age, veteran status, and other protected status as required by applicable law.

We aim to be an equitable and inclusive workplace with a diverse mix of talented professionals who are excited to join the LCL team, to stay and do their best work. We rely on the passion, creativity and emotional well-being of our staff to provide the best possible support to the legal profession.

We are focused on equality and believe deeply in diversity of race, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, ethnicity, national origin, and all the other fascinating characteristics that make us different.


TO APPLY: Please send your cover letter and resume to, please no postal mail applications at this time.

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