Law School Obstacles, 2 Years Into Recovery


I have an addiction to opioids since I was 18 (now 27) and clean since age 25. I entered law school at age 21 while continuing to use opioids. Due to my addiction I was unable to complete my studies and as my disease progressed I began to miss classes until the school dismissed me. The Dean informed me that I had ‘no shot at getting back in’ due to my brain disease. Please advise as I only have three classes left.


We checked with LCL clinician Barbara Bowe, LICSW, who has dealt most with law student issues. She reports, “These things are always complicated,” and that any response we would post would raise further questions, so she suggests, assuming that you are a Massachusetts law student, that you give her a call here at LCL. Certainly, we have met a range of people who were able, in recovery, to find ways to proceed from law school to bar admission and careers.

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