Below are the current and archived issues of our newsletter briefings.

Fall 2012
No Longer a “Have-Not”

Summer 2012
A Call to Action

Spring 2012
Fred’s story of recovery and LCL

Winter 2011
Making the most of the holidays

Fall 2011
You- Our Heroes, those in and seeking recovery

Spring 2009
Responding to trying times

Fall 2008
The New Exit Strategy for Today’s Lawyers: Manage Your Own Career

Winter 2007
Farewell and hello to our respective executive directors, each uniquely interesting

Winter 2006
The Courage to Be Real: Four attorneys’ very open stories of “Overcoming Personal Adversity in the Legal Profession”

Fall 2006
Inspiring and informative speeches from LCL’s Annual Dinner – one on the experience of reinstatement after suspension from the practice of law; another by Associate SJC Justice John H. Greaney, with his perspective on LCL.

Spring 2006
New Beginnings and LCL’s New Executive Director

Fall 2005
Salute to Bonnie Waters and Lawyers Assistance Programs

Spring/Summer 2005
Early intervention with Colleagues

Winter 2005
Internet Addiction

Fall 2004

Spring/Summer 2004

Winter 2004
Relationships: Love and Male-Female Communication

Fall 2003
Lawyer Career Change

Spring 2003
The “Sandwich Generation”

Winter 2003
Seasonal Depression

Fall 2002
Anniversary of 9-11

Spring 2002

Winter 2002
Others’ Problems, Ways to Help

Fall 2001
Dealing With the 9-11 Catastrophe

Summer 2001
Women & Lawyering

Holistic Lawyering; Holidays after Divorce

Summer 2000
Self Change

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