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Race, Reform & Retrenchment Revisited (Free ABA Event)


February 2, 2022 4:30 pm

Hosted by the American Bar Association




The ABA Section of Civil Rights and Social Justice and the African American Policy Forum are pleased to collaborate on a four-part webinar series on Critical Race Theory (CRT). Over the past year, CRT has been increasingly misrepresented by the Right in an organized, widespread effort to stifle racial justice and gender equity, and weaken our multiracial democracy. In response to these attacks, AAPF held a 5-day Critical Race Theory Summer School in mid-August 2021 to educate participants about the origins, principles, and insights of Critical Race Theory, and to chart a path forward. The opening segment to this series was an edited version of a conversation that took place on the first day of AAPF’s 5-day Critical Race Theory Summer School, and featured some of the leading thinkers in the field of CRT.

The second installment of this series will examine how throughout our country’s struggle to reckon with its racial legacies, one powerful faction continually recasts racial justice as a form of racial discrimination against white people. Against this backdrop, today’s attacks on, and distortions of, CRT are not a new ideological project, but reminiscent of narratives from Reconstruction to Jim Crow to modern campaigns against affirmative action. In this second segment, panelists will discuss Critical Race Theory and provide case studies that examine the specific techniques that have effectively repositioned antiracism as racism and suggest ways of navigating the race/reform/retrenchment dynamic.

CART services will be available.


  • Dr. Sumi Cho – Director of Strategic Initiatives, African American Policy Forum
  • Kimberlé W. Crenshaw – Co-Founder and Executive Director, African American Policy Forum; Isidor and Seville Sulzbacher Professor of Law, Columbia Law School; Distinguished Professor of Law and Promise Institute Chair in Human Rights, UCLA Law
  • Cheryl I. Harris – Vice Dean for Community, Equality and Justice and Rosalinde and Arthur Gilbert Professor in Civil Rights, UCLA Law
  • Dr. Luke Charles Harris – Deputy Director and Co-Founder, African American Policy Forum; Associate Professor of American Politics and Constitutional Law, Vassar College
  • Melissa Murray – Frederick I. and Grace Stokes Professor of Law, NYU Law; Faculty Director, Birnbaum Women’s Leadership Network, NYU Law
  • Russell Robinson – Walter Perry Johnson Professor of Law, Berkeley Law; Faculty Director, Center on Race, Sexuality & Culture; Berkeley Law
Moderated Q&A:
  • Janel A. George – Associate Professor of Law, Georgetown University Law Center; Founding Director, Racial Equity in Education Law and Policy Clinic, Georgetown University Law Center; Council Member, ABA Section of Civil Rights and Social Justice
  • Ann F. Thomas – Board Chair, African American Policy Forum; Otto L. Walter Distinguished Professor of Tax Law, New York Law School; Director, Graduate Tax Program, New York Law School
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