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Writing for Well-Being [Free IWIL Event]


May 4, 2022 4:00 pm

Hosted by IWIL



Loads of studies have found that many different types of writing promote and protect well-being, including positive effects on mood, mental health, and personal and professional development. (See the session materials here for a summary of many of the well-being benefits of writing.) Nate Johnson JD, the Executive Director of the nonprofit FreeWriters (see his bio here), has seen the power of writing first-hand. FreeWriters provides inmates in a Minnesota county jail system with writing opportunities that improve mental health, reduce recidivism, and inspire hope about life after incarceration. Nate will bring his inspiring story and skills and experience with the benefits of writing to this interactive session. He will share his own mental health story and lead a writing activity that you’ll likely want to add to your long-term well-being toolkit.

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