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Civility and Professionalism Month Roundtable

Civility and Professionalism Month Roundtable: Come Together. Be Heard. Make Change. Are you frustrated and exhausted by incivility in the legal profession?  Personal hostility, rudeness, and bullying between lawyers affect individual well-being and diminish the standing of the legal profession.…

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New Year Networking Breakfast 2020

All the reasons you need to attend are right in the event name. NEW YEAR. 2020 is here! If networking over the holidays wore you out, double-down on self-care to get ready to make new connections with us at 8:30am on…

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New Year Networking Breakfast Party | Mass LOMAP

What do lawyers and the holiday season have in common? They're both absurdly busy. And lawyers in the throes of holiday season? Come on. So we're bringing back our post-holiday New Year Networking Breakfast Party to celebrate after you're through with most of your…

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