ADD Lawyer Support Group? (11/03)

I have seen in the past couple of years more than a few questions from attorneys/law school students about ADD/ADHD. I was also recently diagnosed with this disorder after some painful experiences at work relating to organization/productivity. My psychiatrist told me this is nothing new for him, that he treats several lawyers for ADD and several people in law school. Would LCL be willing to set up a support group for attorney’s with ADD/ADHD?

Yes, we have responded to a number of attorneys and law students with apparent Attention Deficit Disorder, with or without Hyperactivity. As you note, it often comes up around problems with organizing, prioritizing, and completing tasks. A cluster of these and other features, formerly thought of as personal characteristics, have now been re-conceptualized as a disorder, which seems to help people with (1) self-acceptance, (2) finding compensatory strategies and/or avoid certain types of work, and (3) considering interventions including coaching and medications, which for many people reduce the difficulties. LCL is always ready to offer groups to lawyers and law students. With the exception of our Professional Conduct Group (around disciplinary issues), all of our groups are time-limited. [Unfortunately, it is usually difficult to get a “quorum” of people who are interested in the same kind of group at the same time, and who can meet at the same time. In addition, some lawyers shy away from groups, uncomfortable disclosing vulnerabilities to their colleagues or potential adversaries.] Anyone reading this who would be interested in attending a group for lawyers/law students with ADD/ADHD should send us a non-anonymous email ( or ask for the group therapy coordinator at LCL, 1-800-525-0210.

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