Are the lawyers who attend the Professional Conduct Group … convicted felons …who stole money from their clients?

Are the lawyers who attend the Professional Conduct Group most or all convicted felons and people who stole money from their clients. I am not a felon or a criminal at all. I never stole from a client or hurt any client at all. I would not feel comfortable around criminals or thieves. Would I be out of place in this group. I am all alone with this I cant even afford a lawyer and tell no one anything. Also is there any way to know ahead of time if there is anyone there I know?

Most of those who attend our Professional Conduct Group (for lawyers facing possible or likely BBO disciplinary action) are not in trouble criminally. A few have been convicted of crimes and even served time. However, many have mishandled client funds. Some have done so without realizing it; others told themselves they were just borrowing money for an immediate expense and have repaid the client fund soon afterward (not OK). Very often, these behaviors would not have occurred if not for depression or an addiction. Among those who attend the group, almost all did not mean to harm clients.

You can certainly come for an individual evaluation here at LCL, since that will be confidential, and we may also be able to advise you on finding a lawyer that you can afford. There really is not a way to know in advance who else is in the group, since that involves the group members’ own confidentiality. But if you walked into your first group session, saw someone you knew, and decided not to stay because of that, all the person would know is that you had some, unspecific reason for attending. For some people, that could mean as little as that a client reported them for not returning phone calls, or even that no complaint has been filed but they anticipate that it will happen.

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