Boss’s Financial Misbehavior

If I am aware that my boss has deposited a 80,000 check from a real estate transaction into an IOLTA and then subsequently has paid himself for various clients out of the IOLTA too much (and the real estate transaction check covered it) on at least ten occasions, what do I do?

Your question does not make it clear whether you yourself are a lawyer. If you are, then you may be under a legal and/or ethical obligation to report (to the Board of Bar Overseers) serious violations of ethical duty by other lawyers.

In any case, legal advice is beyond the scope of LCL, which focuses on other kinds of life issues. You may want to confer with an attorney specializing in ethics/professional conduct matters, or could also try calling the BBO’s Ethics Helpline. According to their web site, “An attorney who wishes to discuss an ethical question with an Assistant Bar Counsel can call (617) 728-8750 between the hours of 2:00 and 4:00 on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.”

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