Career/Practice Concerns

Lawyer’s role morphing into therapist 4/17, Lawyers Journal
Lost thumb drive raises handful of questions   2/17
ADHD or spread too thin?  2/17, Lawyers Journal
Law school obstacles, 2 years into recovery   12/16
Practice only makes perfect if you know how, 11/16, Lawyers Journal
You can drive yourself only so far without oil changes  9/16, Lawyers Journal
Career, interrupted  11/15, Lawyers Journal
Overdoing it only works for so long   9/15, Lawyers Journal
Psychological barriers to calling clients (Call them, maybe?)  12/14, Lawyers Journal
Losing ‘real self” along career path  5/13, Lawyers Journal
Realistic approahces to becoming more productive in practice  4/13, Lawyers Journal
Must Expunged Matter Be Disclosed in Bar Application?  3/13
Ethical Questions Raised by New Technology and Out-of-State Speaking  2/13
Reporting Job History When Applying to Mass Bar  10/12
Lawyer faces discipline, but unwilling to hold office manager accountable   7/12, Lawyers Journal
At a loss after layoff  1/10, Lawyers Journal
Spouse’s Criminal History in Seeking Clerkship 9/08
Terminated and Seeking Work 2/07
Re-Entering the Law After Public Burnout 12/06
Trouble coping with stress of conflict & court appearances. 6/06
Especially high stress in the profession of law. 8/05
Feeling like a failure in early law career 4/05
Concerned about potential impact of past arrest on application to the bar. 2/05
Are there lawyers [at LCL] who can help with advice on … managing a small but extremely busy practice? 2/05
Career Coaching vs Career Counseling 1/05
How to overcome being “typecast as a lawyer” when changing careers. 1/05
Boss’s blame has “devastated my self-esteem.” 1/05
I need someone willing to “train” me [on tax issues] … before I begin taking cases from paying clients. 1/05
Because of my uncertainty in being “morally fit” I did not complete my application… 12/04
5th year associate in a large firm… critical decision about whether to pursue the partnership track. 1/04
I am experiencing the hopelessness accompanied by failing the MA bar four times. 11/04
Nobody to Cover Practice While Addressing Depression 8/03
Works for Partner who “expects me to handle matters that are completely outside of my expertise.” 5/03
About to be Downsized Out of Firm 4/03
Burnout at 47 in Solo Practice 4/03
Re-entering Practice after Time off to Treat Depression 4/02
Seeks Career Change Because of “nastiness, obsession with technicalities and the lack of concern with justice” in the profession 11/00
Career Slow-Down in Middle Age 6/00
Would Cutting Back Hours “End My Career”? 7/99
After Leaving Firm, Many Interview, No Job 3/99
Coping with Layoff 1/10
Giving Clients a Break Puts Small Firm at Breaking Point 1/08
LCL Can Document Your Recovery via “Monitoring” 12/08
LOMAP vs LCL — confused in Globe article 3/08
Manic Client 5/07
Really Want Partnership? 7/07

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