Devastated by Loss of Case

I represent individual employees and just lost a case and am devastated for my poor client. I did my best I know but I feel so responsible for this poor guy. Any advice?

In almost all types of law, attorneys, like doctors or therapists, are faced with “boundary” issues. One of them is the degree of personal emotional involvement in cases. When there is too little personal concern/empathy, clients can feel that they are really on their own, making the process more difficult for them and often interfering with lawyer-client collaboration. When, however, the lawyer is so involved, beyond the level of sympathy, as to lose sleep over a bad outcome, that is often no help to either the client or the practice. Sometimes there are further resources to which the clients can be referred (including therapists). Feel free to come in and discuss your own reactions with one of our clinicians – if you happen to be in solo practice somewhere near Boston, this is the kind of concern that often comes up in our monthly Solo Practitioners Forum.

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