Echoes of Undergrad Issue Concern Law Student

I am a 1L and am concerned about whether I have correctly dealt with a situation from my undergraduate education…. [reimainder of question paraphrased for posting purposes]:  I wrote a paper in which I borrowed heavily from another pereson’s bibliography; when I found out that this could be considered plagiarism I immediately contacted the instructor, who preferred to give me a poor grade rather than an opportunity to fix the error, but did not feel that it called for disciplinary action.  Now I am concerned as to whether I replied correctly to the question about disciplinary measures on my law school application and whether this incident could possibly arise anew in requesting admission to the bar.  [9/12]

This is a bit outside our area of expertise, and we certainly can’t give legal advice, but we do have some idas as to how you might bo about handling the situation.  We suggest you call LCL (anonymously if you prefer) and speak with Barbara Bowe, LICSW of our staff, who often serves as our point-person for challenges faced by law students.

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