Feels “in love” with fellow student

 I am a married woman with a kid. I’m still pursuing my second degree now full time. I don’t know since when, I began to have a strong feeling towards my good friend in the University. We are very good friends & we can communicate very well in only topics. I think I fall in love with him now as I can’t get rid of him out of my mine [sic]. I miss him everyday, the moment we are together, I feel very happy, but every time when we gotta go on our own way, I will feel lost…

There are aspects of the law or graduate school environment and its pressures that sometimes trigger feelings of great closeness, which may or may not be “real” in the sense of extending beyond that environment and that point in time. In this case, it sounds as if your feelings for this friend may actually be interfering with your ability to focus on what you are learning. That’s about all we can say without interviewing you. If you are a law student in Massachusetts, please come to discuss this situation with us in more detail – the interview is confidential and free.

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