Friend/Colleague Plunging into Depression

 I have a lawyer friend who recently lost a major case which was devastating to him. I also know he stopped taking his antidepressant medicine about a month ago, as he didn’t think it was helping. However, since losing this case he seems more depressed than ever. I’m getting worried that he’ll do something foolish. What should I do?

When people are depressed they are not always capable of accurately appraising the reality of their situation and often need feedback from those they can trust. I would recommend that you share your concerns, using specific examples, and suggest that he seek further assistance. If this fails and he continues on a downward spiral, then offer more concrete options like going with him to a therapist or LCL. If you are worried that he is at imminent risk of hurting himself, you can bring him to a local emergency room for evaluation. If he were to refuse, you can call the police so that they can escort him there. Just as importantly, I would recommend that you call LCL for support in figuring out how to proceed.

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