Law School Roommate Counseling

Is it possible for my roommates and I, all of whom are law students, to talk with someone together so that we would be able to work on our issues together (as well as independently)?

If you are in Massachusetts, this kind of session is certainly possible at LCL, so please feel free to give us a call. If it seemed that it would take more than a few sessions, however, we would seek (after assessing the situation) to find you an independently practicing therapist who is also comfortable with what might be seen as a type of family or group therapy.

LCL’s services, while not longterm, would be free to you as Massachusetts law students. For any subsequent outside help (unless perhaps at your school counseling center), you would need to work out a reasonable payment arrangement. Health insurance would probably not cover “roommate counseling,” although it probably would cover individual therapy (assuming that there is a valid diagnosis) that any of you may also choose to pursue.

This is a creative and constructive idea on your part, that would probably be quite helpful to any number of roommates, not to mention rock groups, group practices, etc.

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