Law Student Worried about Character & Fitness

Q.  I am a Boston-area law student worried sick about potential C&F issues resulting from impulsive, yet regrettable conduct on my part which resulted in school disciplinary procedures. I received University Probation and a Temporary Stay Away Order because of alleged verbally abusive conduct/harassing emails. Otherwise, my record is clean as a whistle–no criminal record, no academic misconduct, etc. Should I be OK as long as I disclose, or could this forever prevent me from entering the Bar? Help!

A.  As usual, we begin by noting that LCL’s mission has to do with behavioral, addictive, and mood problems faced by lawyers; we are a legal advisory service.  Our impression is that the issue you describe is probably not “fatal” to your hopes for admission to the bar, but the particulars may matter.  Among our clinical staff, Barbara Bowe, LICSW serves as primary liaison with law schools and law students and might be able to give you some more input and/or suggestions on whom else to ask.  Please call us and ask for her (perhaps meet in person – it’s confidential).

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