Lawyer-Related Al-Anon?


I am looking for an alanon meeting in the Cambridge/Arlington/Lexington area. Do you know of any? Does Lawyers Concerned for Lawyers have group support meetings for dealing with an alcoholic spouse?  Thank you.


We can’t recommend a specific Al-Anon meeting for you, but you can find a list of various kinds of Al-Anon meetings at .  On this web page, you can plug in either the day of the week or the town and see what options emerge.

As of this writing (12/15), LCL does not have an Al-Anon type of group (i.e., for family members of alcoholic/addicted lawyers, or for lawyers who have alcoholic/addicted spouses or other family members – it would probably also include adult children of alcoholics/addicts).  But we are more than willing to sponsor such a meeting if we were to get enough potential candidates to express an interest (do you know of any besides yourself?), including at least one person who would serve as a coordinator and chairperson.  Anyone reading this who is interested can contact Dr. Jeff Fortgang of our staff at

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