Are there lawyers [at LCL] who can help with advice on … managing a small but extremely busy practice?

I see from some of these responses that you (LCL) are really therapists? Are there lawyers there, experienced in business, who can help with advice on things such as managing a small but extremely busy practice? I am overwhelmed by my workload and at a loss as to how to keep it all together. I don’t know if I should hire someone (really can’t afford to), close my practice and try to join with another firm or look for new partner here. I have some good portable billing & am refusing work almost daily. I wish I knew an older attorney who has been successful at their practice who could give me a hand (and perhaps a shoulder). All of my cases are up to date or close to it but I don’t know how much longer I can keep this up, I have been working 12-14 hour days for a very long time. Please let me if you know of a service that could provide this type of advice. (P.S. I do not do drugs, rarely ever drink and am not depressed.

) You are correct in observing that LCL’s staff (other than our director and office manager) are clinicians (see under About LCL/Staff). The name of the organization refers to the peer support branch (the original incarnation of LCL but still very active); the peer support, however, is not around legal or practice management issues but around recovery from alcohol/drug dependence.

For the kinds of assistance you describe needing, we make referrals. One possibility for you would be the Boston Bar Association’s Peer Support Program or the Mass Bar Association’s Mentoring Program. It may also be wise for you to call MCLE (Massachusetts Continuing Legal Education) with regard to their course and book, “Hanging Your Shingle”, which contains much information about running a practice and the kinds of outside assistance available. (Many of the presenters/chapter writers are individuals who provide such services.) Although you say that you can’t afford to hire someone, you may be able to afford a few hours’ time from a consultant. MCLE also recurrently offers a course entitled, “How to Make Money and Stay Out of Trouble.” The Mass. Bar Association has at times provided similar offerings.

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