Mental Health Treatment

Does LCL Keep Medical Records?  1/17
Newcomer to Therapy: How to Start, Group vs Individual  5/16
Another Attorney is Abusing Alcohol & Experiencing Emotional Issues 6/14
Worried About Disclosing Practice-Related Problems to Therapist  4/14
Wanting Same Therapist but Changing Insurance 11/10
Lawyer Shouldn’t Give Up Hope for Treating Depression 6/10, Lawyers Journal
Managing Anger 4/10
Going to rehab and the Family Medical Leave Act 01/07
PTSD, Alcohol, and Depression 07/07
Should an unlicensed therapist be assigned to disturbed children/families? 4/05
Can you tell me how an HMO differs from a PPO or Point of Service plan, etc.? 10/04
Do you keep all communications confidential including suicide decisions? 10/04
Managed care company gives me names, but … I find no one who actually has time to see me. 7/04 My husband’s insurance… would not cover a Betty Ford-type rehab center… [coverage] limits him to something like 8 sessions 8/04 and 9/04
Therapist Turns Out to be Neighbor 6/02
Can Client and Therapist Behave Like Friends? 6/01
Therapist Aborts Treatment for “Conflict of Interest” 8/01
Therapist No Longer Covered by HMO 1/00
Uncomfortable with Therapist’s Level of Self-Disclosure 5/00
Wondering about EMDR Therapy 12/00
Confidentiality vs “Snitch Rule”at LCL 3/98
Dealing with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) & Work 9/98
Difficulty Accessing Mental Health Care via Insurance 4/98
Reasons for Recommending Group Therapy 8/98
Resources for Help in Crisis Circumstances 6/98
Therapy that “isn’t working anymore” 5/98
What is the Licensing for a “Therapist,” “Counselor,” etc? 7/98

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