Because of my uncertainty in being “morally fit” I did not complete my application… 12/04

I am feeling quite hopeless as I drudge on in the formalities of my bar application. I am close to finishing my application. However, I filed bankruptcy in 2002, have been on and off welfare since 1995, have been charged (though not convicted) of various misdemeanors, am a single parent and cannot make sense of any of my records of financial condition because either they are so unorganized or I simply do not have them. I am wondering if there is anyone there who would be willing to go over my application and opine as to whether I should even bother applying. Because of my uncertainty in being “morally fit” I did not complete my application from last June. I cannot afford to hire a lawyer to help me be accepted if there were questions/hearings to be had. And I certainly do not want to pain myself in studying hard only to find out in the end that I cannot practice because of moral unfitness. I have considered working in the non-traditional field but feel very ostricized in any area but law. I would also like to know whether, other than the books that you reccomend (300 Things… and “What can you do with a Law Degree”) you have any social contacts in the non-traditional area available for those of us who are “flip-flopping” on the issue of practicing at all. I graduated at the top of my class and am not too worried about whether I would pass or not despite not having a commercial bar review course to attend.

We don’t, off-hand, know of someone who would offer the service of reviewing your application with you and judging whether you should bother applying. (Our own staff are mental health professionals, but we suspect that most lawyers would also not feel confident of making that determination.) We also do not have any specific “contacts” in non-traditional areas — if we did, it would have come in handy for many of our clients. If you choose to come in for an evaluation, the least we can offer is an supportive and fairly objective ear; sometimes, to mix metaphors, “two heads are better than one.” After getting to know you, it is possible that we could do some exploring and come up with a useful further referral. In addition, through our Endowment Fund, we may be able to loan you some funds to put toward either mental health or career-related services.

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