PTSD, Alcohol, and Depression

Do you know of any private treatment that might address the issue of decades-old PTSD in combination with alcohol addiction and depression? There doesn’t seem to be any information I can find on dealing with all three problems. Please.

This combination of problems – Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder accompanied by alcohol dependence and depression – is not at all uncommon. Any therapist experienced in addressing “dual-diagnosis” (meaning alcohol/drug + other mental health problem) should be able to provide appropriate “private treatment.”

One problem is that there will be many therapists who describe themselves as skilled in these areas but who are not actually sufficiently trained (except with regard to depression, the most common of these diagnoses, which would have been part of the training of any psychologist, social worker, psychiatric nurse, or psychiatrist). If you are a lawyer, law student, or judge (or family member of same) and come for an in-person interview at our Boston office, we can make a specific referral to someone with relevant experience.

You can also contact clinics, which at times offer relevant groups – substance abuse clinics to ask whether they run groups targeting those who also have PTSD (this was the case at McLean’s alcohol/drug clinic last time we checked), or PTSD clinics (such as the Trauma Center in Brookline) to ask whether they offer a group for those who have coexisting alcohol problems.

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