Severe Financial Problems After Taking Time for Treatment of Mood Disorder

 I have been out of work for nearly year. I have been applying for jobs, and not being hired. I am being treated for bipolar disorder. I have simplified my life greatly, yet still do not have enough money to pay for my daily necessities. My rent, electric, oil, phone, car, insurance, etc. are all in arrears or in jeopardy of same. I am receiving food stamps and EAEDC. Does LCL have any monies or suggestions on resources who may assist with daily necessities? Additionally, is there help available through LCL for payment of the annual attorney registration fee, or does LCL have suggestions on how to get the fee waived?

We would suggest that you come in, sit down with one of our clinicians, and review the whole treatment and financial picture. Although LCL has an Endowment Fund to assist with treatment and certain other expenses, these funds are in the form of a loan, which may not serve your needs. But it sounds as if you may be eligible for additional disability-oriented state and federal programs. There is no fee to meet with us, and we may come up with other ideas on who could give you further information. If you meet with us (no fee), we may also come up with other resources to advise you.

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