Spouse’s Criminal History in Seeking Clerkship 9/08

 My husband has a criminal history involving drug use and a few petty thefts. The most recent was over 6 years ago. He has turned his life around. I am a law student who is currently applying for post-graduate judicial clerkships. Must I disclose my husband’s history?

We must begin by noting, as we frequently do, that our clinical staff (who take these questions) are not behavioral clinicians and not lawyers, and that an appropriate type of attorney would probably be best for giving you conclusive advice.

That said, none of us here (including a couple of attorneys we asked on an informal basis) knows of a reason why you must bring up the issue of your spouse’s remote criminal history, or why someone interviewing you for a clerkship would ask about that.

If anyone visiting this web site reads this and has had an experience to the contrary, they can share that with us (by submitting as an anonymous question), and if relevant we will post that perspective here.

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